MPR BV is a young and fast growing company that offers opportunities to talented doers who master a unique profession, or are willing to learn to become one



MPR BV is a young and fast growing company, cooperating with some distinguished companies in the maritime branch. MPR BV inspects, modifies and repairs propellers and blades worldwide. Flexibility and quality come first in this.

MPR BV is part of MPS Holding, a group of independent companies operating in the marine equipment and ship repair service industry. We are based in The Netherlands. Our main office is located in Zutphen and our workshop in Drunen.

To support our aspiration to grow, we are looking out for spirited specialists and/or for people that want to become one. People that want to have a unique profession in an interesting and flourishing industry.



Being a metallurgic propeller repair specialist, after your internal training, you will be responsible for independently performing various repairs to propellers and blades. Repairs are carried out at our workshop in Drunen or on location anywhere in the world. Thus, traveling will be an integral part of your job. Most of the times, the return date will not be fixed, but depend on the progress of your job. Sometimes you will return sooner than planned, sometimes later. Your flexibility regarding this, will be expected.

You must be able to communicate well with vessel owners, ship managers, superintendents and inspectors of shipyards or class-agencies, in order to convey the work at hand.  Frequently you will manage and lead local engineers that support you with the repair that is to be carried out. In general the working language will be English.

Since all repairs have to be carried out according to certified procedures, accuracy and guidelines-based working is essential. You will have to make detailed written reports of the executed activities, including photos.

Repairing propellers and blades is a highly specialized job, so you will almost certainly have to be specially trained by our more experienced engineers. Your drive to develop and learn new skills is therefore very important.



  • Good employee benefits
  • The opportunity to master unique skills in a unique profession
  • Room for personal development
  • A nice, varied and international job
  • A young and dynamic employer with a flat organizational structure



  • A senior secondary technical degree or equivalent education (mechanical engineering comparable to the Dutch MTS)
  • A valid welding certificate
  • Knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • A flexible approach towards travelling, even if unexpected
  • Good command of Dutch and English, both verbally and in writing; other languages are a plus
  • Communicational and leadership qualities
  • You need to be a team player as well as a team leader
  • Perseverance and the ability to encourage others
  • Ability to create detailed reports, experience with Microsoft Office applications
  • Driving licence (Dutch B and E, car and trailer up to 3500kg)
  • A flexible approach towards working hours (no 9-to-5 mentality)



Are you attracted to his job? Are you enthusiastic, result oriented and flexible? Do you have good communicational skills? Can you work your magic? Do you want to be part of an organization with development opportunities and short communication lines? Do you want to become a uniquely skilled professional?

If so, send your application letter, containing your CV and a recent passport photo, to



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